Which 3d printer should I choose?

The world of 3D printers is constantly evolving and although this cutting-edge technology has traditionally been reserved for industry, printers for the general public are now appearing on the market. This democratisation of the 3D printer leads to the following question: which 3D printer to choose?

How to choose a 3D printer?


The choice of a 3D printer requires many questions and must respond to different parameters. Let us introduce you to some of them:

Defining the printing need


One of the parameters to define is the need that the 3D printer will have to meet. In fact, as we said in the preamble, when it comes to 3D printing, it is important to distinguish between the world of professional industry and that of the private individual who prints 3D parts in his garage for personal use. The approach in both cases does not result from the same desire for results and the volume of parts and objects to be manufactured is by no means the same. The private individual will not need to print parts and objects in series, whereas the professional, on the contrary, will need to rely on precision printers that allow fast printing, in a large volume and with high-performance models that can print large or extremely small products.

Consider your budget

The quality of a 3D printer and its printing work is also determined by its price. One should not imagine owning a high-performance 3D printer without paying a certain price. Individuals who wish to undertake 3D printing work in order to discover 3D technology can invest in entry-level or mid-range printers whose prices, although variable, are accessible to their budget. As for the professional who must rely on cutting-edge technology, he must pay the price to acquire a printer model, a machine whose printing quality will enable him to create unique objects and parts with a great sense of detail and precision. He will be able to print a large object without any problem.

impression 3D grand format
statues impression 3D grand format

Consider the specificities of the 3D printer

Individuals or professionals should ask themselves the right questions when choosing their printer model. Indeed, not all 3D printers have the same technical specifications and this must be taken into account before any purchase.

  • For example, it is important to consider the printing speed of the printers, which allows a high volume of objects to be printed. The best 3D printers are capable of outstanding performance.
  • Other criteria, such as the quality of the print linked to the nozzle, may be sought in order to obtain precision work. The focus is no longer on volume, but on quality.
  • The model of printer can also be chosen according to the size of the parts and objects that the individual or professional wishes to print.
  • Another point to consider regarding the 3D printer is its ease of use. Indeed, this will allow beginners to start 3D printing without having the same experience as a professional who will be working on more complex printers and equipped with more technical software.
  • It is also very important to consider the material that will be used for the 3D printing work. It is necessary to ask whether the printer offers the possibility of printing plastic objects or whether it is intended for the food sector or another sector.
  • One of the characteristics of the 3D printer to be considered is also the possibilities of its evolution. Indeed, you should ask yourself whether accessories can be added to the 3D printer.

Why use Pami3D for 3D printing?

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