Large format 3D scanners

Scanner 3D

3D scanning to model your shapes

At PAMI3D we have different 3D scanners in order to adapt to all the problems and to bring you a solution of modeling and acquisition of professional files. If you don't have a 3D file, the scanner is an excellent alternative for acquiring files, with the texture, the exact shapes and details relating to the scanned object

A 3D scanner adapted to the size of the objects!

 In order to prepare your files for large format 3D printing, we use 2 scanners depending on the size of the object or shape to be scanned:

- 1 3d scanner for small objects of 30 cm maximum, to take into account the textures and all the details of a product or a shape

- 1 3d scanner for large objects and shapes, a scanner that is less precise than the previous one but capable of taking into account large object sizes

The combination of the use of the 2 scanners is also possible in certain cases, as well as the use of a turntable allowing a rotation of the object in order to facilitate the digital acquisition and the modelling of the objects under all facets.

Scanner 3D pour pièces grands formats
Scan 3D d'échappement

Do we scan at our premises or at yours?

Our workshops based in Andrézieux Bouthéon (France - 42 Loire) next to Saint Etienne allow you to access these technologies in our premises but we also have portable 3D scanners, in order to model at home the objects and shapes that you wish to print in 3D. Please contact us by email

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Why choose us?

Pami3D is the specialist in large format 3D printing, and allows you to give volume to your creations and visual impact to your offer


Design and print large custom-made parts. 


Print one-off customised parts by the unit or in series. 


Create large pieces without constraints with a range of possible finishes


A specific need, a particular finish... ask for a free quote without obligation 


Our large format printers operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to reduce your lead times


Pami3d supports you in your development by providing you with its 3D printing know-how