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Whether you're visualising or presenting medical procedures, 3D printing makes it possible to represent them on a large scale.

Whether you're visualising or presenting medical procedures, 3D printing allows you to represent them on a large scale. It makes it possible to create full-scale models, which makes it easier to understand and explain a medical treatment or procedure. It is also useful for testing medical equipment and devices on both digital and physical models, enabling faster and more reliable decision-making. In this way, it gives doctors and researchers access to more realistic medical models and better value for money.

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3D printing for education and science learning

In order to visualise your projects and bring them to life, large-format 3D printing can be used to print the complex shapes of biology or chemistry, giving you a simplified explanation and analysis.

This type of project makes it possible to visualise and explain complex elements by imaging problems in large format in an educational context thanks to 3D printing medicine. The large-format models can be used for educational applications such as presenting medical procedures, teaching about the human body and training in the use of medical instruments. By using these models, students benefit from a better understanding of medical principles and safer, more effective practice of their skills.

Large-format 3D printing plays an important role in the development of new medical products. It is used to create more accurate and realistic prototypes and models that can help improve existing medical tools and develop new technologies. It can also be used to create personalised medical devices that meet a patient's specific needs.

Finally, large-format medical 3D printing gives doctors and researchers access to accurate models that can be used for surgical planning, clinical studies, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. 3D technologies are increasingly used in various fields of medicine, giving researchers, doctors and engineers access to a wider range of models and possibilities for finding solutions to complex problems.

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3D medicine: visualise to understand

It's easier to visualise the functioning of a muscle or organ by increasing its scale, so why not represent them in large scale using large format 3D printed models. In the medical field, 3D printing can be used to create made-to-measure prostheses and orthoses, giving rapid, low-cost access to equipment that is usually long and expensive. We can print parts in TPU-TPE (rubberised filament), enabling us to create flexible parts such as custom orthopaedic insoles in silicone, for example. We are not experts in the medical field, but our scanner and 3D printing technologies mean that we can model medical components, even from a distance.

Large-format 3D printing is a technology that has the potential to revolutionise the medical field. The advantages it offers are considerable, enabling healthcare professionals to provide faster and more accurate care to patients.

It also gives patients easy access to innovative, personalised medical products that can give them a better quality of life.

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