3D Trophy

3D Trophy, 3D printing for your trophies

Trophée Boxe Dorée impression 3D grand format

A trophy that speaks to those who win it

Nowadays, old cups that gather dust are no longer popular. Indeed, all the cups look the same and it is very difficult to define the activity or the sport concerned. So why not replace them with a 3D trophy?

With a 3D trophy, you can give your trophies a unique personality and memorable character. Our team of professionals will take care of all the details to ensure that your trophy is exactly what you want it to be: a trophy that speaks to those who receive it and tells a story. 

Differentiate yourself with a 3D trophy

For the participants in a competition, the trophy is the symbol of a victory in their sports, their activities. It must therefore be representative of this passion and resemble them.

3D printing is versatile and can be used to create parts that are not possible using traditional methods, allowing a wide variety of styles and sizes.  

A representative 3D trophy

The reward of an effort, of a performance is translated through a trophy, but is it representative of the sector, the sport, the activity concerned. Trophies made in 3D printing allow the rewarded to appropriate the trophy because the realization of the shapes without limits allows to create a unique trophy and adapted to each activity.

You can also personalise your 3d trophy with logos, special engravings or even a name. We'll work with you to design the perfect trophy for your competition or special event.  

A unique trophy with 3D

Making an award using a 3d trophy means you can create unique pieces to suit your imagination, even in very large sizes, and always with finishes to match your awards. Whether you need a single 3d trophy or a series, we can help you find the perfect solution.

Trophée Grand prix d'honneur

3D trophies: an affordable and sustainable solution

Making 3D trophies is more affordable and accessible than using traditional materials such as metal or wood, because 3D printing offers a wide range of possibilities. With 3D, you can create unique and beautiful shapes without having to spend a fortune. Durability is also an important consideration, as trophies are designed to last for a very long time. So you can be sure that your 3D trophy investment is cost-effective and long-lasting, and that it will delight your guests at every event. Our highly qualified team is at your disposal to create 3D trophies that will meet the most demanding expectations.

If you are organising an award evening or a sports event and would like to have original trophies, ask devis@pami3d.com for a free quote without obligation.

Check out our examples of 3D trophies


3D Gold and Silver Trophy

A gold bullion trophy with silver lettering

Copper 3D Cup

A large format cup printed in copper coloured filament

3D Football Trophies

A golden football trophy made from a scan of a shoe

Air Up trophies

Tailor-made trophies in the shape of a water bottle for the Italian branch of Air Up

3D Trophies and Plexiglas

Trophies combining 3D printing and Plexiglas either printed or engraved


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