Production of parts in 3D printing

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3D printed parts with a wide range of applications

We produce 3D printed parts in a wide range of fields and activities.

We come from the field of advertising and we produce parts in volume for this field on a daily basis, such as POS, displays, signs  or window decoration. 

Our large format 3D printing technology allows us to create volumes and products in very large formats from smaller parts in order to enhance the product with a size that is out of the ordinary.

Huge potential

The creation of the 3D printing branch with the Pami3D brand allows us to open up and offer services to other public and professional fields that were previously inaccessible, such as architecture, jewellery, decoration, muséography, education and industry.

Many other fields are still to be discovered, as 3D printing is reaching more and more fields thanks to new printing techniques and new printable materials that are appearing regularly.

Mainly known for prototyping, 3D printers are more and more used for small and medium series production.

Our offer is completed with cutting, printing and thermoforming.

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Additive manufacturing: what are its areas of application?

The potential of 3D printing is no longer a secret to anyone. It is common knowledge that the applications are numerous and above all varied.

Additive manufacturing for industry

The 3D printer is revolutionising the largest industries by offering its services in many areas. Indeed, 3D objects provide valuable information to industrialists seeking financing or precise answers on various products. In particular, 3D printing makes it possible to produce very large parts at an attractive price while being able to quickly correct any defects they may have. Printing an object using a 3D printer has significant advantages. The prototypes produced offer a real vision and scale of parts that are sometimes unique.

Additive manufacturing for architecture

Print a scale model of your future architectural projects. With 3D printing, your dream of an extraordinary building comes to life. In simplified or more detailed forms, model your desires using a 3D printer and our services. A prototype allows you to visualise as well as to convince potential investors.

Additive manufacturing for decoration

The printing of a decorative object in 3D generally starts from an existing product or from the imagination. It is therefore normal to find an artistic interest in it. 3D printing is able to design a unique model or mass-produced parts, which makes the process attractive to artists looking for innovation and design, as well as to private individuals.

Additive manufacturing for culture

From education to more general culture, 3D printing has interesting properties for the concrete visualisation of certain structures. Used for anatomy demonstrations for example, the 3D part is used to articulate or compose a molecular structure.

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Pami3D's different services for your 3D printing

We make the 3D printer available to everyone, whatever the object you are interested in. Our teams accompany your projects, in order to print them and make them real. How does 3D printing work? Several steps are necessary to obtain an optimal result that meets your expectations. The development of a 3D object goes through different phases.

Your project starts with a solid base, the 3D file established with the help of specialised software. 3D printing cannot take place without the design of these files on which the modelling of the 3D part is based. This is part of the information needed to program the printer. The 3D file incorporates an important technical database to support the start-up of your project. It is also at this stage that the materials that will be used to manufacture the 3D objects are defined.

The raw material of the machined part will be defined by the final aspect you wish to obtain. The materials used are high quality bioplastics, each with a particular property. The 3D printer is at the cutting edge of technology, even in the materials needed to operate it. 3D printing is done with materials such as PLA, PETG or TPU. A material such as bioplastic makes it possible to use scrap as a raw material.

Once all these parameters have been established, 3D printing of parts and objects can begin. It is now possible to print the part or model of your choice on our production line. The printing of 3D objects consists of the superimposition of successive layers of plastic material.

Finishing is the most expensive and delicate part of 3D printing. The 3D objects must be cleaned, laser cut if necessary, sanded and coloured to match your basic idea. The use of a finishing resin can also be considered. This stage finalises the details of the requested model.

Pami3D is at your disposal for all your 3d projects. Do not hesitate to ask for a free quote without obligation at

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Why choose us?

Pami3D is the specialist in large format 3D printing, and allows you to give volume to your creations and visual impact to your offer


Design and print large custom-made parts. 


Print one-off customised parts by the unit or in series. 


Create large pieces without constraints with a range of possible finishes


A specific need, a particular finish... ask for a free quote without obligation 


Our large format printers operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to reduce your lead times


Pami3d supports you in your development by providing you with its 3D printing know-how