How to choose a 3D printing provider

3D printing is now a cutting-edge technology which is becoming accessible to companies and which favours their communication needs and desires. Pami3D, a specialist in large format 3D printing online, will help you with your creation projects and their realisation. If you are wondering how to choose a 3D printing service provider, we will discuss the criteria to consider when choosing a 3D printing service provider.


Choosing a 3D printing provider to design parts quickly and cheaply


The advantage for a company to use a service provider such as Pami3D for online 3D printing lies in the ability to print parts much more quickly than if it did not use a professional. It also costs less, as it does not have to invest in machines that are expensive to buy.


Choosing a 3D printing service provider for ecological reasons


Choosing a service provider such as Pami3D allows the company to reduce its environmental impact by using professionals who use manufacturing processes that are less polluting than traditional manufacturing techniques such as machining. Choosing a 3D printing service provider to print in large format Large format 3D printing is aimed at companies that wish to develop their marketing strategy around large 3D objects, while reducing their communication costs by entrusting the production and manufacture of parts that can be assembled to a 3D company like Pami3D. Pami3D's online large format 3D printing service allows you to bring your projects to life from a simple file. This file is used as a model to print the object you want and materialize it thanks to our 3D printers in order to use it for your communication.

impression 3D grand format
accueil impression 3D grand format

What are the qualities of a printing specialist like Pami3D?

The difference often lies in the sense of detail. At Pami3D, we are aware of this and we know that certain points are essential to the satisfaction of a customer and to the realisation and success of a project. Among the qualities that we claim and which characterise us, we attach extreme importance to :

  • Reactivity and respect for deadlines

When a company contacts us, it is not by chance. If they want to use our services, it is because they want to entrust us with the manufacture of 3D parts for a project that is important to them. Every project involves a precise timing that will lead a company to organise its communication within a fixed period of time, in line with objectives established in advance and resolutely defined. This is why, when we print and manufacture 3D parts for our customers, we are committed to meeting production deadlines. At Pami3D, we know that time is money and that a project cannot be compromised by a service provider, even if it uses cutting-edge technology and unique materials and models.

  • The printer used by Pami3D

All technology requires top quality equipment to provide quality work and services. Pami3D, uses 3D printers that allow high quality 3D printing works, in technical materials that contribute to the manufacturing of unique parts and objects. Thanks to the printers used, we are able to generate the production of large-scale objects.

  • The quality of the finishes and the process

Our services extend far beyond the manufacture of a single 3D part. We attach great importance to the materials selected to meet your expectations. Our platform is also designed to serve our production tool so that the manufacturing of the parts corresponds to your online order and to the object for which you have requested us. To ensure this is the case, our technical services ensure that your product meets the finishing standards and manufacturing process specific to 3D printing. To facilitate the creation of objects and to meet your needs, it is important that your company asks us for examples of our work.