3D Printed sign


A 3D-printed sign is stronger than words and images

The appropriation of a brand or sign is based on the fact that it is recognized and distinguished by its colors and codes, which can be transposed to 3D printing.

An image has more impact than words, because apart from the fact that we've disregarded language, our brain is projected into a pictorial universe in a matter of moments.

For example, pictograms such as a chemist's cross will be recognized in any country, whatever the language. The same goes for high-profile signs.

Imagine your sign in 3 Dimensions

Pami3d lets you create a 3D sign that instantly puts your flagship product, your know-how... in front of the viewer's imagination, with no language barriers to understanding the brand.

When you pass a 3D sign, you immediately answer the question: "What does this sign, this brand, this company do? and associate the 3D image directly with that brand or company.

Basket 3D

Your building stands out in 3D

In the context of the successive taxing of signs by the various local authorities (TPLE), some have made a strong choice by reducing their signs and optimizing their images with 3D facade decoration, not only optimizing their visibility but also reducing their sign taxes.

 3D technology for your brand

The possibilities are endless with a large-format 3D printed sign. Because we're able to create impactful signs at very affordable costs.

For chain stores or networks, signs can in some cases be produced using thermoforming technology - find out more!

If you have a signage project in mind, ask for a free quote from devis@pami3d.com

Lettre grand format imprimée en 3D

Find out more about large-format 3D printing

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Octopus impression 3D grand format
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