3D POS Display

Rouge à lèvres 3d grand format
Bouteille avec autocollant impression 3D grand format

Impact communication at the point of sale

Large format 3D printing allows us to offer you innovative solutions in order to stand out and give an exceptional impact in your point of sale with 3D POS display.

The "WAOUH" effect of large format 3D POS advertising

In marketing jargon, we call the "WAOUH" effect the astonishment and admiration generated in this case by a large-format 3D printed POS advertising.

In fact, the mere presence of a large format 3D display in a point of sale generates a "WAOUH" effect multiplied by 10 compared to a traditional display.

Surprise your customers and potential customers passing in front of your future large format 3D display by attracting their attention and making you stand out.

The "STOPPING POWER" of large format POS advertising

The "STOPPING POWER" effect used in our jargon is the stopping or slowing down force of a person passing in front of a large format POS display.

The impact of a 3D printed display causes 5 times more "STOPPING POWER" than a traditional display.

Generate interest in your products and your brand thanks to a large format additive printed POS display in order to create emotion, this is the daily work of our operators.

The "STAYING POWER" of large format POS advertising

The "STAYING POWER" effect used in our jargon is the stopping time that a person passing in front of a large-format POS display marks.

The impact of 3D printed POS advertising causes 4 times more "STAYING POWER" compared to traditional POS advertising.

In concrete terms, this means that a person spends 4 times more time around your products, your brand... thanks to the large format 3D POS that creates engagement.

If you too would like to increase your sales thanks to 3D POS display, and increase the visibility of your products and your brand on social networks, ask for a free, no-obligation quote at devis@pami3d.com

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