Turn your ideas into volume with large format 3D printing online

Pami3D is the specialist of large format 3D printing, and allows you to give volume to original and unique creations. If you have a project, a prototype or a series to realize in 3D printing, then Pami3D is there to help you in its realization.

Large Format 3D Printing
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Realise your large format 3D printing projects

Pami3D helps you to realize your 3D printing and advertising projects in large format online 3D printing to create unique products that will catch the eyes by accompanying you from the design of the 3D file to the finishing touches. With materials such as PLA, PETG or TPU, we adapt the materials to your request thanks to high precision printers.

Accompany you in large format 3D printing online...

Pami3d is the specialist in large format 3D printing online. We accompany you throughout your large format 3D printing projects through 4 steps:

- Definition of your 3D project: we determine together the possibilities to be considered according to your project and our printers, in order to best meet your expectations.

- 3D printing (prototype, or series, small and large formats): Give volume to your prints with large size projects. Enlargement, reduction, transforming the scale of your creations thanks to our 3D printers.

- Design and acquisition of 3D files : these are the basic files required for programming the printer.

- Finishing of your 3D objects : we define together the final aspect of the project, in order to obtain a rendering that meets your expectations.

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Turn your idea into volume

Turn your ambitions into reality, from idea to prototype to small series, thanks to our online large format 3D printing service.

With our 3D printers capable of printing objects up to 70x70x170 cm in one piece, and much more by assembling several pieces, we offer you the possibility of creating any type of object in dimensions that will not go unnoticed.

The 3D printer shapes all your large volume projects, whatever the size. Our printers generate high quality parts that can be assembled together to obtain the desired scale.

All the parts we produce with our 3D printers can be subjected to various post-processing to make your projects unique.

Our team of professionals is at your disposal by email or telephone. So don't wait any longer to bring your concept to life and get a quote quickly.

Our team is there to accompany you from the creation of the file through to the manufacturing and finishing of the object. Discover also our guide on 3D printing to help you buy a 3D printer or choose a service provider.

We offer deliveries in France and throughout the European Union.

Large format 3D printing: a unique technology

3D printing is an industrial technique for manufacturing three-dimensional structures. It is an industry that is increasingly popular with companies. It allows an object to be produced, either individually or in series, by superimposing layers of material. This technique allows you to let your imagination run wild thanks to the latest 3D printing techniques.

The 3D printer is a state-of-the-art tool. This large-format 3D printer is designed for high-quality industrial applications. The 3D printer produces a large number of unique parts using technical materials. These large volume 3D printers are tools capable of generating the production of prototypes as well as one-off or serial projects.

Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing field that will become a fundamental response to future industrial challenges. This process generates literally little waste, as it can be transformed into raw materials very easily, unlike subtractive techniques such as laser cutting or machining, which involve removing material to create an object.

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Materials adapted to your 3D projects

We can produce your model in the colour and material of your choice, allowing you to choose the features most suited to your project and requirements.

First of all, PLA, which is a bioplastic, i.e. made from renewable materials, is affordable and has good enough properties for many indoor uses. It is undoubtedly the most widespread and widely used material in 3D printing.

We also offer PLA PRO 1, which is similar to conventional PLA, but with superior environmental resistance, allowing the object to be positioned outdoors.

PETG, known for its hardness, impact and chemical resistance, transparency and ability to deform without breaking.

And finally TPU, which allows the creation of "soft" parts, with excellent properties such as high resistance to wear and abrasion, oils, and impacts and cuts.

The price of high volume 3D parts manufacturing

The price is an important element in the realization of your project. It is essential for us that you understand what the price of the service is.

It is based on the 3D file used for programming the printer. This file can be provided by you or can be created by our team from a scan of an existing object or directly by computer-aided design.

The price also depends on the type of high volume printing you require. It can be one or more pieces that need to be manufactured. The volume of material used is a factor influencing the amount of your quote. The preparation of the printer and the various stages of the printing process are also taken into account.

The price also varies according to a final factor: the finishing. This last step is the most time-consuming and costly, as it completes the creative process down to the last detail.

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