Finishing and 3D printing

Finishing and 3D Printing, beyond the printer

The first finish, the cleaning

Finishing, or post-processing, is an integral part of the 3D printing process, all the more so in large format 3D printing, as cleaning the part at the end of printing is necessary.

It simply consists in removing the small printing defects and the supports, which gives us a part called "Raw".

Fusée avec support impression 3D grand format

A rocket with supports in the centre and at each foot

Fusée sans support impression 3D grand format

The same rocket with the supports removed

Bouteille avec autocollant impression 3D grand format

A wine bottle, with a simple sticker

Beyond the raw piece

The cleaned piece is usable as it is thanks to its volume, which does not go unnoticed, but it can be modified visually.

Simple finishing touches can be used to improve the visual effect of a product by combining it with other classic processes such as printing and sticking stickers to enhance the visual effect of 3D printing.

From assembly...

It is possible to assemble several parts of identical or different colours to obtain several colours without using paint or to create large volumes to increase the visual impact of your creations.

Tasse à café flottante impression 3D grand format

A coffee mug that stands on its own thanks to assembly

Rouge à lèvres apprêté impression 3D grand format

Priming a lipstick paint...

Finishing can continue through many steps, first an initial sanding that removes the layers, which are the more or less visible layers of impressions depending on the diameter of the nozzle used, making the piece softer.

Then comes the priming, then a second sanding before painting, finally a varnish is applied to protect the paint, allowing to obtain a smooth part and usable in all conditions (Interior and exterior). unique effects

Knowing that specific paint finishes are available, such as chrome, bronze or gold, to meet all your requirements.

Rouge à lèvres 3d grand format

Paint and varnish 



Discover our different finishes


The Gold Finish

The assembly

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