3D printing gold finishing

Finishing is one of the most important aspects of 3D printing, it allows the object to be realistic or to have a unique finish. Discover here an example of a particular finish, the Gold finish

lion impression 3D grand format

Lion 3D Gold

The Gold finish for 3D printing objects, many steps

For this example, let's take a look at this 3D printed lion, this low-poly lion was printed on a large format printer with Pro1 filament in grey.

Before presenting the following steps, we would like to explain why we do not use gold filament, which we can use for other types of printing (trophies for example). This type of filament produces gold looking parts that are completely different from the finish applied here.

With gold filaments, the appearance is much more matt and the colour is a "plastic gold" which is very different from the one proposed here.


1st step: priming

Logic dictates that on a classic part we first sand, then we prime and sand again to smooth the 3D object but here we have a Low-poly effect (polygonal mesh producing numerous facets) so we left it as is and primed it directly

Lion 3d brut

Raw 3D Lion

Lion Noir impression 3D grand format

3D Lion in Black paint

2nd step: black paint

Then we apply a black paint on all the surfaces in order to densify the next colour that we are going to apply (chrome)

Note that you can stop at this stage if you want a Black 3D Lion

3rd step: the chrome

We then apply a chrome paint with a specific machine that allows us to have a mirror effect that will become opaque with the previous layer

Note that you can also stop at this stage and obtain a 3D Chrome Lion

Lion Chrome impression 3D grand format

3D Lion in Chrome

Peinture Or Lion 3D impression 3D grand format

Gold finish 3d lion

4th step: the fine application of the gold

Here again, using a specific machine, a layer of gold is applied on top of the previous layer of chrome, giving a metallic effect that is unique to the 3D printed parts.

Note that the multiplicity of steps means that we will never produce exactly the same gold effect on identical parts.

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Lion Low Poly Or impression 3D grand format

Lion In Gold Final

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