Assembling 3d parts

Sometimes it is not necessary to create a large format 3d print in one piece, it can be easier to assemble different 3d printed parts and put them together to obtain unique objects.

Pinceau Suspendu impression 3D grand format

Why assemble 3d printed parts?

Because not everyone is equipped with large format 3D printers, or because the size required is greater than the printing capacity, even in large format, it is sometimes necessary to assemble the parts to create a larger one.

Also for decorative reasons, it is sometimes easier to print different parts in different colours and then assemble them for a realistic effect without any particular finishing (Example with this paint pot with floating brush).

Fitting, gluing, soldering or screwing?

For us, the best technique is to fit the 3D printed parts into each other. To do this, you have to think about how the parts will fit together when you design the files.

The big advantage of this technique is that the 3D printed parts can be assembled and disassembled as desired and it must be admitted that this is very practical for the storage or transport of certain large format models.

Otherwise, the parts can be glued together with specific glues, but this technique, even with a lot of care, leaves traces for the purists. Note that the glue marks can disappear if the glued parts are primed, sanded and painted, however the 3d printing glue does not work on nylons, polypropylenes or PTFE.

Plastic welding is a technique that consists in welding different 3D printed parts, after all with FFF technology the parts are the result of the superposition of melted plastic filaments. This technique also remains visible in the raw part of the assembly and will have to be completed by sanding, even priming and painting.

The last technique consists of adding an external element of screws or inserts that will allow the parts to be assembled or disassembled easily.

Do you want to print 3d parts with a specific assembly?

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Cône de 2M impression 3D grand format

Example of a 2 metre high cone, divided into 5 parts

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