3d paint pot with floating brush

Amongst the number of large format 3D printed point-of-sale displays, this one stands out: the paint pot with floating brush

pot de peinture pinceau flottant

The raw part, just assembled

An amazingly large POP display

With the progress of large format 3D printing technology, we can integrate ourselves into the visual communication strategies of brands, in order to create more impact on the consumer and stand out from the competition. The paint industry is no exception to this rule, as it is difficult to make a paint can, a brand, stand out from hundreds of others in a retail outlet. The creation of a giant paint can is possible with 3D printing, but what if we went further and created a dynamic?

A paint can with a floating brush to attract attention

Thanks to large format 3D printing we can create complex shapes and geometries, so it was natural to associate a giant brush with a giant paint can, but it lacked dynamics. So we thought of our coffee cup, which created a drip and a puddle... what if we combined the brush, a drip and the paint pot


peinture effet wahoo
Pot peinture pami3d

A 1.90 m large format 3d POP

We have printed with our large format 3d printers, different parts (see the realization of the paint pot) in order to realize this paint pot with floating brush, "Wow" effect guaranteed. You want to stand out in a point of sale, and make a paint pot with floating brush or another large format 3d print?

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