3D printed soda can

A 420-litre soda can that packs a punch!

A large-format 3D printed soda can is an excellent way of attracting the attention of passers-by and consumers. With its impressive size, the giant 420-litre can is perfect for making an instant impact. Whether outside or inside a shop, large-format 3D printed POP advertising is a great way to promote your products and your brand. Use 3D POP to increase your visibility and boost your sales, thanks to the effect it has on customers and consumers.

Canette Brute impression 3D grand format

A large-format 3D can for a wide range of occasions

PAMI3D designs and produces a wide range of large-format 3D printed POP displays, and with this large-format 3D can you have a POP display that can be used in a variety of places, including stands, shops, trade fairs and even sporting events.

The excellent quality of the 3D printing and the meticulous finishing will make your POP stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to promote your products, your brand or liven up an event, PAMI3D's large-format 3D can is the ideal tool for promoting your company and your brand.

The 3D can, a unique and innovative large-format POP advertising medium

Our large-format 3D printing technology allows us to create previously unattainable volumes, enabling us to create unique objects to be integrated into brands' visual communication strategies, in order to create greater impact on consumers and stand out from the competition in all types of field thanks to innovative large-format printed POP advertising.

The 420-litre can is the perfect solution for raising your company's profile. It will enable you to attract consumers' attention and encourage them to buy your products. Thanks to its size and unique design, it can be easily installed in shops or on stands to boost your sales. If you're looking for an innovative large-format POP display that will create an immediate and lasting impact with your target audience, the Giant Soda Can is perfect for you.

Canette impression 3D grand format
Canette impression 3D grand format

A 1.10 m high-volume 3D can to attract attention.

We used large-format 3D printing to create this can, which is 1.10 m high and 70 cm in diameter, with a volume of around 420 litres - around 1,300 times the volume of a conventional can!

The can was made on a Builder Extreme 2000 in 3 parts, to save material. The wall of the can is made of a 1 mm shell, which supports the weight of the upper part (around 4 kg).

Once the can was assembled, a sticker was applied to the shell in the brand's colours. You can personalise your large-format POP advertising with your own colours and logos, and enjoy the highest possible quality and finish.

A large-format 3d printed can - a cost-effective POS solution

We're proud to be able to offer innovative solutions to help you boost your sales and be visible to your target audience. So don't wait any longer and contact us to find out more about our large-format 3D POS can solutions.

In conclusion, the giant 3D printed soda can is an innovative solution for your communication. It will appeal to consumers and boost your sales thanks to its lasting impact and unique personalisation. So don't hesitate to invest in giant soda cans, to create an immediate and lasting impact with your target audience!

Would you like to stand out from the crowd, promote your brand and create a unique large-format POP display? Then ask our sales team at devis@pami3d.com for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Canette impression 3D grand format

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