Scan of a motorbike boot

Botte impression 3D grand format

A difficult object to make

We received a special request to recreate skids for motorbike boots on the track. These skids at the front of the boot wear out against the tar and must be replaced regularly. The request was to recreate them in 3D printing so that they could be made quickly and cheaply.

The problem we faced was the shape of the boot, which would have required several days of drawing to produce a less than perfect result.

So we decided to scan the boot to get the exact shape.

A full scan of the boot, which can then be reworked.

We scanned the whole boot directly with our scanners, and then after a computer process that removes the flaws in the scan, smoothes the boot and removes the table that appeared on the final file, we end up with a boot that is perfectly identical to the original, but in digital format so that it can be reworked as required.

It then becomes much easier to create the skate from the resulting file, as we can align ourselves with the shape of the boot to obtain a perfectly fitting part.

Scan Botte impression 3D grand format
Botte impression 3D grand format
Botte impression 3D grand format

An identical print to the original

The 3D file obtained from the scan of the boot allowed us to print it on our large format machines, to obtain a boot identical to the original.

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