Biological 3D printing

3D printing, an environmentally friendly technology

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process that reduces energy consumption and the production of waste, which can be transformed into raw materials very easily, unlike subtractive techniques such as laser cutting or machining, which involve removing material to create an object.


Bioplastique---PAMI3D-1 impression 3D grand format

3D printing, a material-saving process

The filaments used in 3D printing are mostly obtained from biological material, although it should be remembered that classic PLA, the most widely used material in 3D printing, is obtained from the fermentation of corn starch, which already makes it a low-polluting and biodegradable material.

The only waste created by 3D printing are the supports, necessary to print complex parts, these supports can be remelted and recycled in filament, it is the same for the prints which would have defects or simply become useless, it is enough to recycle them in filament and one can print something else with. This is what makes 3D printing so economical and environmentally friendly.

A new range of Bioplastics for 3D printing

In addition to the classic materials such as PLA, PLA PRO1, PETG and TPU, we can now offer you PLA filled with 30% organic "waste" for your 3D printing.

These recycled filaments have different origins and allow you to obtain unique colours with recycled organic materials, all without going through a painting process.

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