Large-format 3D printed tooth

Discover a large format 3D printed tooth for a dental practice

Dent impression 3D grand format Médecine 3D

A giant tooth in 3D for decoration but not only...

Decorate your medical practice with unique products representing your speciality, as we were asked to do by a dental practice, for example, with a 90 cm high tooth, created to measure and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making this 3D printing piece unique. This large-format 3D-printed tooth can be used to decorate the entrance hall of the dental surgery, but it also has educational benefits, as it can be used to explain certain dental procedures in an entertaining way.

We specialise in large-format 3D printing and can produce any type of product up to a maximum size of 170 cm. Our innovative raw materials, technologies and equipment enable us to create unique objects to decorate your medical practice. Contact us to find out more about our large-format 3D printing services.

A 90 cm high tooth printed in 3D

PAMI3D can adapt and print with different large format 3D printing technologies to ensure a high quality 3d tooth. We work with a variety of raw materials, enabling us to create different types of large-format 3D printed teeth, depending on aesthetic needs and tastes. Take a look, for example, at this tooth printed with a Builder Extreme 2000 large-format 3D printer, 90 cm high in white with no finish. Printed from just 5 kg of white PLA, it took 70 hours to print this unique tooth for this customer.

We offer you our unique expertise to produce small or large parts in large-format 3D printing and create objects that will give a personal touch to your dental practice.

Dent impression 3D grand format Médecine 3D

Customised parts in 3D printing for unique decoration

This large-format 3D printed tooth has been designed using high-quality materials, chosen for their durability and resistant properties, and drawn so that it can be printed in large-format 3D printing without any support. The 3d tooth can also be customised to suit your needs: colour of material, shape and dimensions. Pami3D offers the manufacture of original and unique medical products, created to measure to enable your dental practice to represent you and fit into a specific decor.

If you would like to create a unique decoration for your dental surgery, please contact Pami3D.

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Pami3D is the specialist in large format 3D printing, and allows you to give volume to your creations and visual impact to your offer


Design and print large custom-made parts. 


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Create large pieces without constraints with a range of possible finishes


A specific need, a particular finish... ask for a free quote without obligation 


Our large format printers operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to reduce your lead times


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