Large format 3D gears

3d printing gears, the revolution in industry!

Pami3d designs and prints a wide range of solutions for industry, including this section devoted to 3d printed gears. Our 3D offer includes plastic gears in different materials, and different sizes from the smallest to the largest format with a wide range of shapes, from the simplest to the most complex and we also supply pinions and gears for custom manufacturing.

Engrenage 3D impression 3D grand format industrie

Design, prototype and 3d print your gears here

As well as providing 3D printing services, we also offer an engineering and technical support service to help our customers design and print 3D gears. Our technology and experts are on hand to help you realise the gear and pinion projects you need. Contact Pami3d today with any questions or requests related to 3D gear printing!

Large format 3d printing gear expertise!

At Pami3d, we specialise in the 3D printing of large-format gears, but our 3D printing projects are also carried out on a daily basis for small-format gears in all types of industry. Our product range includes 3D plastic gears and 3D printed pinions where we offer highly customisable and low cost solutions for 3D printing gears, making it the ideal choice for your projects.

Pami3d is proud to share its passion and expertise in large format 3D printing, and we look forward to helping you realise your 3d gear and pinion projects.

Engrenage 3D impression 3D grand format industrie
Engrenage 3D impression 3D grand format industrie

3d gears - an industry staple!

Pami3d 3D printed gears are a perfect choice for industrial, mechanical and engineering applications. Our team is experienced and offers excellent customer service where we are proud to share our expertise and knowledge of 3D gear printing to help you create innovative and sustainable solutions! We look forward to working with you to provide sustainable, state-of-the-art gear and pinion solutions! From design to testing to series production, we're here to support you and meet all your expectations. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and let's work together to create the 3D gear of your dreams!

Would you like a large-format functional 3D gear? Then ask our sales team at for a free, no-obligation quote.


Why choose us?

Pami3D is the specialist in large format 3D printing, and allows you to give volume to your creations and visual impact to your offer


Design and print large custom-made parts. 


Print one-off customised parts by the unit or in series. 


Create large pieces without constraints with a range of possible finishes


A specific need, a particular finish... ask for a free quote without obligation 


Our large format printers operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to reduce your lead times


Pami3d supports you in your development by providing you with its 3D printing know-how