3D printing belts

Belts are essential parts for the operation of industrial equipment, but they are also parts that need to be replaced regularly, which is not always possible because they may no longer be produced, which is where 3D printing can provide a solution.
courroies impression 3D grand format

The original belt and its replacement

3D printing of custom-made belts

3D printing allows companies to create custom prototypes and final products. 3D printed belts are an innovative technology that offers a wide range of benefits for professionals and consumers.

Here is an example of a damaged belt from a swimming pool cleaner, reproduced and 3D printed with a flexible TPU filament to obtain a functional belt and get the machine running again.

Make a belt in 3D printing

Custom 3D printed belts offer greater flexibility in design and prototyping. Using 3D design tools, designers can easily create complex and unique shapes with a few clicks.

Prototypes can then be printed quickly using 3D printers, allowing designs to be tested and refined before mass production. In addition, 3D printing can be done at a reduced cost compared to traditional CNC machining or casting methods.

Courroie impression 3D grand format

The belt file

robot courroies impression 3D grand format

2 3D printed belts for a swimming pool robot

Your damaged belt no longer exists, print it in 3D

3D printing gives us the ability to redesign and print belts to replace existing damaged parts that are no longer produced or hard to find, to get damaged machines and equipment working again, and at a lower cost.

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