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3D printing of custom-made trophies

Pami3D can create made-to-measure trophies for your competitions and events, personalised and original trophies that showcase your brand with original shapes only possible through 3D printing. Thanks to this technology, we can create trophies in the shape of a product so that your brand or company is highlighted in a unique way. Take a look at an example of what PAMI3D has created for Air Up, a company offering innovative water bottles with flavoured hydration.

Airup 3D

Trophies that reflect your image

3D printing allows you to fully customise the shape and design of your trophies. You can choose a shape that represents your brand or your values, for an original and memorable effect. Imagine trophies in the shape of the products you sell, or in the shape of your company logo. With 3D printing, anything is possible.

For Air up, we created trophies in the shape of water bottles to highlight their identity. These trophies were a success at their event and were much admired by their partners.

An innovative manufacturing process for a unique 3d trophy for each event

The creation of a custom-made trophy using 3D printing follows an innovative and rapid process. First of all, we start by modelling the desired shape of the trophy in 3D. Then, using 3D printing, we create the trophy from this digital model. This process ensures a high degree of precision and a high-quality final result.

Making trophies using 3D printing is ideal for recurring events, because every year you can come up with a new and original design for your trophies. It also ensures that every winner goes home with a unique, personalised trophy. What's more, thanks to the speed of the manufacturing process, you can order your trophies "almost" at the last minute without compromising on quality.

Airup 3D

Make your event a success with custom 3D printed trophies

3D printed trophies will bring a touch of innovation and modernity to any event. Not only do they represent a valuable object for the winners, but they are also an effective way of showcasing your brand or company. Contact us today to create your own

Air Up asked us to design and print a trophy for their Italian branch. We didn't have a digital file, so we designed a 3D model based on one of their bottles. The result is a bottle-shaped trophy, faithful to the original and produced in gold 3D printing using GOLD-coloured filament to make it even more prestigious.

Using 3D printing, we were able to produce magnificent 15 cm-high golden pieces, including very fine details such as logos and personalised text on the side of the bottles.

Endless possibilities for original trophies

Thanks to 3D printing, the possibilities are endless in terms of the shape and design of your trophies. We can faithfully reproduce the details of your products, even the most complex ones, for a trophy that looks like no other. Would you like to have tool-shaped trophies printed to reward your employees in the construction sector? Or perhaps you prefer trophies in the shape of a ball for your annual football tournament? It's all possible with 3D printing.

Do you want to reward your employees for their contribution to a project? Or perhaps you want to offer unique trophies to your participants in a sporting event or competition? Ask our sales team for a free quote at

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Airup 3D

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