3D rugby ball

A large-format 3D rugby ball for the 2023 World Cup

Ballon de rugby impression 3D grand format evenementiel

Large format 3D printing of a 1m10 rugby ball

For the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Pami3D is presenting a large-format 3D printed rugby ball in the colours of the event.

This large-format 3D print was designed by Pami3D, a specialist in large-format 3D printing for sport. The large-format 3D rugby ball is available in several sizes, so you can customise it to your taste and show your support for the team of your choice for the 2023 World Cup.

A 3D rugby ball decorated in the colours of the event

This 3D rugby ball, measuring 1m10 high and 60cm in diameter, was printed in 2 parts to ensure identical quality throughout the piece. The two parts were then assembled to form the overall piece.

The balloon was then covered with a custom-made sticker to match the visual of the event, and a small 3D-printed support allowed the balloon to stand upright on its own.

The balloon was made from PLA filament, a sustainable and environmentally-friendly material. This large-format 3D print is further proof that this technology has great potential for creating original and innovative products, particularly for people looking to promote their event, brand or other product.

Ballon de rugby impression 3D grand format evenementiel

Large-format 3D printing for your events

3D printing enables us to create a wide range of customised shapes and logos to showcase your event thanks to our 3D event creations.

Our large-format 3D printing technology is ideal for developing event objects that can be produced quickly and in small quantities.

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