The 3D robots of the company Les Companions

Discover a 3D printed robot prototype for the company Les Companions

Robot impression 3D grand format

The robot after printing

A miniature robot, but just as detailed as the original

The company Les Companions, manufacturer of autonomous painting robots for craftsmen, contacted us to manufacture miniature robots for the World Building Exhibition 2022 from 3 to 6 October at Paris Expo.

The objective was to use the shapes and colours of existing robots in 3D printing, in order to present them to customers at trade fairs and later to retailers.

This is an original request that has been made possible with large format 3D printing.

3D printing of a robot reduced to only 50 cm

Designed in several parts, the model of this robot was made by separating the body and its painting arm as well as the bellows, all of which could be reassembled without gluing using snap-in clips. This robot required 11Kg of material and 90H of printing, using a white PLA filament.

After painting the body of the robot in light grey, with details in Black, Orange and Red on the arm, we applied custom-made stickers with the details and logo of the original model, to obtain a unique and realistic product.

Laureat impression 3D grand format
Robot impression 3D grand format

The robot after being painted

Robot impression 3D grand format

The robot with the stickers applied

Multiple visuals of the finished robot

A unique prototype

These robots allow the brand and its sales staff to showcase their products at trade shows and customer locations without having to carry a real robot. They can be made in different sizes (from full size to miniature robots) to suit all needs.

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