Horizon 2023 design competition

Horizon 2023 design competition with a 3d deckchair

Building on the success of the previous 2 competitions, and always on the lookout for new ideas, Desjoyaux, the No. 1 manufacturer of in-ground pools, has organised the 3rd Horizon design competition. The competition is open to up-and-coming artists, students, creators and designers... who have to invent a pool-related object that incorporates a notion of sustainability and eco-responsibility. This year's theme is:

"If you were an object? Something to play with around the pool. An object to stroll around or an object to create a new atmosphere...".

Design transat impression 3D grand format, evenementiel 3D
Desjoyaux - evènementiel 3D

Design and large-format 3d printing

The Horizon design competition is an opportunity for designers to showcase their work to the general public and design professionals. With large-format 3D printing, participants can bring their projects to life and bring their creations to life. Thanks to this technology, they can imagine unique works, as well as showcasing their skills and creativity. Large-format 3D printing is an invaluable tool for organising an event such as this.

The Horizon design competition rewards the best creations every year. When it comes to organising such a spectacular event, large-format 3D printing is the ideal partner.

The winner of the national jury prize: a deckchair to be printed using large-format 3D printing

Desjoyaux, a swimming pool manufacturer and organiser of the Horizon design competition, contacted us to produce a life-size Faubourg Memphis deckchair using 3D printing. This deckchair won the national jury prize and was exhibited at the competition's prize-giving ceremony on 7 July 2023.

PAMI3D started from the designer's drawing and modelled the deckchair in 3D so that it could be manufactured and assembled using 3D printing. Large-format 3D printing was used to produce this unique deckchair, which respects raw materials and sustainable development, in 10 parts. With its judicious assembly, the 3d deckchair printed in coloured PLA is easy to dismantle and move around for all future design events and exhibitions.

With a total weight of 12kg for a length of 1m34 and a height of 81cm, this product was quickly printed and delivered.

impression 3D grand format transat, evenementiel 3D
Transat impression 3D grand format, evenementiel 3D

Large-format 3D printing as an ecological partner for your events

Large-format 3D printing is an ecological and sustainable solution for printing products and objects that are both innovative and environmentally friendly. For designers, it means they can take their projects even further.

Desjoyaux wishes to offer a space of freedom and creativity to the participants of the Horizon design competition, in the conception of innovative products that respect raw materials. Large-format 3D printing is the perfect technology to bring their projects to life and give free rein to their imagination. With this solution, participants can create unique, high-quality objects that showcase their skills and creativity.

Promote your brand through design and large-format 3D printing

Large-format 3D printing was used to create an ambitious project as part of the Horizon 2023 Design Competition. The patterns and colours used were carefully chosen to bring the designer's original vision to life and produce the imaginary deckchair in 3D.

Large-format 3D printing is a perfect solution for designers who want to take ownership of their creations and benefit from excellent visibility within the industry. Thanks to this technology, brands can increase their presence and reputation through high-quality, innovative products.

By teaming up with large-format 3D printing, Desjoyaux aims to be a major player in the design of innovative, environmentally-friendly products, and has made it possible to produce a unique transatlantic boat for the Horizon competition that combines design and innovation. It's a great way of highlighting the talent of the participants and letting their creations shine.

With large-format 3D printing, innovation and design come to life, giving participants great creative freedom. Desjoyaux is pleased to support this event to highlight the talents of today's designers.

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Concours horizon evènementiel 3D
Lauréat concours horizon 3D evenementiel 3D

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