Whips and cream for Pierre Hermé

Discover an example of window decoration with our cream whips for Pierre Hermé

Crème Pierre Hermé impression 3D grand format

A first prototype, to test the assembly and the brightness of the white

A golden and creamy whip to attract attention

The Maison Pierre Hermé, created by Mr Pierre Hermé who was elected best pastry chef in the world in 2016, contacted us to manufacture golden whips with cream. The aim was to install these decorations in the windows of several shops: St Placide and Cambon in Paris, La Vallée Village in Serris and Monmouth Street in London.

After the creation of a miniature prototype to confirm the feasibility of the project in 3D, production was launched.

It is an original request that was made possible with large format 3D printing.

A 3D decoration for each point of sale

Even if the decoration project is common to all the windows, we had to adapt different models of whips, which were created in several shapes and sizes to match the needs of each outlet.

Each piece required between 8 and 16 kg of material, with printing times ranging from 120 to 200 hours.

The whips were then sanded, primed and painted in a golden colour, the creams were left unfinished taking advantage of the brightness of the white filament. Each 3D part was then assembled without the use of glue, in order to make them dismountable to facilitate logistics in the various points of sale.

Crème Pierre Hermé impression 3D grand format

Two different models, Complete for turning around...

Crème Pierre Hermé impression 3D grand format

...or with a flat back to be stuck to the wall

Crème Pierre Hermé impression 3D grand format

The biggest cream of 60x60x70cm for 16kg

A unique window decoration

Innovative in its culinary creations, the decoration of Pierre Hermé's shop windows is no less astonishing with the display of these whips made in 3D.

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