Mouth in large format 3d printing

Ideal for POS or decorative purposes, discover this large format 3D printed mouth.

Visuel bouche

The original file of the mouth

A 3d printed mouth to make your window decoration blush

Pami3d, a specialist in large-format 3D printing, presents here the most fashionable decorative object of recent years, the trendy object that will add a touch of glamour to your window decoration or your interior. We're talking about a glamorous mouth printed in large-format 3D! These 3D lips with a bright red finish of exceptional quality and shine will stand out in your window display.

A 1m wide mouth, in glossy red, 3D printed

Discover this glamorous 3D mouth that we printed on a 1m wide Builder Extreme 3000 large format 3D printer with a glossy red finish. Made from 5Kg of PLA Pro1 filament, for a print time of around 48H, it was then sanded and painted with a Red Gloss effect, giving it a perfect shine.

Bouche Brute impression 3D grand format

The Raw Mouth, at the end of printing

Visuel bouche arrière

The back of the mouth, with fixings and brackets

A luscious 3D mouth to enhance your beauty salon, on a wall or counter

Popular as POS advertising in beauty salons and perfume shops, this 3D object can also decorate your salon or the entrance hall of your beauty salon. The formidable seductive power of the luscious 3D mouth will add a touch of glamour and refinement to your interior. Positioned in the window, it's also the perfect decoration for your boutique or shop.

A special fixing system has been added to position the 3D mouth either on the wall, using four holes at the back of the piece, or on the counter, using two small 3D-printed feet made from red PLA. This combination of holding systems means it can be placed anywhere!

A 3D mouth with a smooth finish and red gloss!

Thanks to highly accurate and consistent large-format 3D printing, our 3D mouth catches your eye thanks to its dimension of over one metre wide. The smooth, glossy finish is meticulously sanded and then painted with a red gloss varnish, adding an undeniably glamorous touch to your space.

Once the glossy red finish has been applied to our 3d mouth, it's hard to tell which technology was used to create this unique object. In fact, the high precision and smooth finish of our product give the viewer the illusion that it's a hand-worked object.

Thanks to the innovative techniques of large-format 3D printing, you can print parts in giant formats. The pulpy 3D mouth is one of our customers' most popular objects, and completes our range of trendy objects available in large-format 3D printing.

So if you'd like to have a large-format 3D printed pulpy mouth, or any other unique window decoration, then opt for a large-format 3d printing decoration, request a free quote from our sales team at

Bouche Peinte impression 3D grand format

The mouth once painted, with its "Gloss" effect

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