Interior rear view mirror in selfie point

During the 2022 edition of the 3D print show in Lyon, the PAMI3D team decided to create an unusual object in 3D printing. After many ideas, we decided to make an original selfie point.

A 2.40m long 3D printed interior mirror

Our first idea was to make a rear view mirror because the 3D print exhibition is very industrial and many car manufacturers and players would be present.

As we are specialists in large format 3D printing, we decided to create a large format interior mirror. Then came the idea of coupling this mirror with a selfie point... Let's leave it open, and position the people behind it. Yes, but how many people? 3 or 4 people would be good".

Rétroviseur Géant Selfie impression 3D grand format
Epaisseur du rétroviseur imprimé en 3D

A 2.80 m selfie point with a mix of 2D and 3D printing

Finally we drew the project and the dimensions seemed mind-boggling: the interior mirror is 2.4 m wide at the bottom (a world record for an interior mirror), a wall to be made 2 m high x 2.8 m long... "Ok we validate." As a result, the Pami3D team set about 3D printing an interior mirror in 4 interlocking parts with a Builder extreme 2000 printer using black PRO1 filaments. More than 44 kilos of this filament were needed for this project and 240 hours of printing. Our colleagues from Promociel printed the wall on plates that made up the wall.

A striking selfie point in an industrial exhibition

Much observed, this selfie point was very intriguing, as the 3d printing remained raw we were often asked the question: "and the retro there, is it done in 3d?" The mix of the decoration print on the support wall + the contribution of the mirror in 3d print confused a lot of visitors, one thing is for sure it was one of the most caressed objects on the show because everybody wanted to touch it.

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Rétroviseur Géant Selfie impression 3D grand format

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