3D Visual and Hearing Aids

3D printing Visual and hearing aid signs

PAMI3D is a company that specialises in large-format 3D printing and also in the design of 3D printed signs when traditional manufacturing reaches its limits. We can create signs for a variety of needs, including visual and hearing aids, as here in the case of a brand that wants to communicate on both optical and hearing aids in its points of sale.

Lunette impression 3D grand format

The raw eyewear at the end of the printing process

A 3D sign to enhance visual impact

Large-format 3D printing makes it easier to make an impact and attract customers' attention. Our sign will include a hearing aid and a frame for prescription glasses.

Large-format 3D printing offers many advantages over traditional manufacturing, including a quality finish and richer, longer-lasting colours that are much appreciated by customers. What's more, by using sustainable materials, manufacturing and maintenance costs are reduced.

A 3D sign with a small ecological footprint

Traditional manufacturing uses more energy and produces more waste than 3D printing. With 3D printing, we can create signs that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. At PAMI3D, we're proud to be able to make a difference to the environment and offer products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

A unique visual for your sign thanks to large-format 3D printing

Thanks to large-format 3D printing, we can produce complex shapes and geometries, so we've combined the lens of an eyeglass with a hearing aid to create a POP display that highlights two often-associated areas of expertise.

We can work with our customers to design signs that reflect their identity and are tailored to the needs of their outlet. We can also print signs in a variety of colours, effects and textures to add impact to your brand.

We offer a quality service and a wide range of materials that can be used to create large-format 3D printed signs, including Plexiglas, aluminium and many plastics. The finished 3D signs are highly durable and can be designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

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Lunette impression 3D grand format

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