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Human skull large format 3d printing

Pami3d, a specialist in large format 3d printing, invites you to discover a special 3d printing creation: a 1.10 m 3d human skull.

Thanks to its know-how in large format 3d printing, Pami3d is able to offer you unique and surprising products for your 3D museography or interior decoration.

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A large-format 3d printed human skull to decorate the museum reception area

Large-format 3D printing has opened up a host of possibilities for museums and other exhibition venues, which can now take advantage of the highly realistic reproductions created using high-precision 3D printing technology.

This large-format 3D printed human skull is a realistic 1.10 m skeleton that could be used as a centrepiece for your interior decoration or museum reception area.

A 3D printed skull that won't go unnoticed with its very precise details and large size. Ideal for museums, but also for entertainment centres or a unique promotional event.

A 3D human skull with a smooth finish

Printed on a Bulider 3000 large-format 3D printer, the skull was produced in a 1.10 m format in 120 hours of printing.

A smooth finish was requested by the customer, so a post-process was applied with sanding + priming, sanding again and finally a white paint finish.

Thanks to its years of experience in large-format 3D printing, Pami3d is able to provide you with unique and surprising products that meet all kinds of requirements.

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Pami3d is your ideal partner for unique, personalised products thanks to large-format 3D printing technology. You will be able to create unique pieces that will make your decoration stand out, embellish a room and even allow your visitors to enjoy an interactive and original experience.

Whether for promotional events, 3D museography projects or any other type of project, Pami3d can meet your needs: contact us today!

Crane 3D
Crane 3D

A specific 3D printing requirement for your museum

Our large-format 3D printing technology enables us to produce pieces with incredible precision and unrivalled detail. We offer the highest quality products using the finest materials and bespoke finishing, and a full service from 3D printing to on-site assembly is available to meet all your requirements. We are proud to be able to offer products of exceptional quality that are always at the cutting edge of technology.Do you want skeletons, skulls, nature scenes or other objects for your museum? Pami3d can offer you what you're looking for. Contact us now and we'll help you bring your project to life.

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