3D Human Arm

Large-format 3d printing human arm

Pami3d, a specialist in large-format 3d printing, invites you to discover a very special 3d printing creation: a 2-meter-long 3d human arm.

Thanks to its expertise in large-format 3d printing, Pami3d is able to offer you unique and surprising products for your 3D museography or interior decoration.

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The 2-meter 3D Printed Arm: When Technology Becomes a Work of Art


3D printing transcends the boundaries of creativity to create unique and fascinating works of art. Imagine a 2-meter-long 3D-printed arm, not as a functional prosthesis, but as a provocative and innovative piece of art. This fusion of cutting-edge technology and artistic expression awakens the senses and opens up new perspectives on what contemporary art can be.


This 2-meter 3D-printed arm embodies audacity and the exploration of the limits of artistic creation. Its imposing size and technical complexity defy aesthetic conventions and invite us to rethink the relationship between man and machine. Each meticulously sculpted detail reveals the artist's ingenuity and the power of 3D printing as an artistic medium.

A 3d-printed Arm that won't go unnoticed with its precise details and large size. Ideal for museums, entertainment centers or unique promotional events.

Special Effects: Texture and Relief

By combining resin and paint, it's also possible to experiment with special effects to add depth and relief to the 3D-printed arm. Techniques such as dry-brushing, glazing or stencilling can create innovative textures that captivate the eye and invite tactile exploration of the work.

In short, resin and paint finishes give the 2-meter 3D-printed arm a refined, expressive final appearance. Combining gloss, protection, personalization and special effects, these finishes enhance the work, underlining its artistic and innovative character.

Whether for promotional events, 3D museography projects or any other type of project, Pami3d can meet your needs: contact us today!

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