3D printing of a construction site traffic light

Feu impression 3D grand format

2 pieces at the end of the printing process

A 3D light in real size thanks to 3D printing

Thanks to large format 3D printing we can realize prototypes in real size in order to validate the design and the efficiency of the final product. In this example, we have made a prototype of a traffic light of 2m40 which you will find below the details.

A 3D traffic light with all the characteristics of a real one

Large format 3D printing allowed us to create this 2m40 traffic light, printed in several parts, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, because all the components fit inside the box that serves as a base.

It is also easy to move thanks to its many handles, its wheels and its weight of only 15 kg.

In addition to the PLA PRO 1 filament designed for parts that will be used outdoors, the fire can be equipped with a battery, LEDs and a timer to allow it to work like a real one.

Feu impression 3D grand format

A 3D prototype usable without finishing

This 1:1 scale prototype allows to check all the values of the final product, whether it is the shapes, the dimensions, the assembly and the play between the fixings, the color and the visual impact of the part.

Before the series production, the prototype allows to check the location and the good functioning of the batteries, the leds, the timer... and to test in real conditions the behavior of the prototype.

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