3D excavator Arm

Large format 3d printing excavator arm

Pami3d, specialist in large-format 3d printing, invites you to discover its unique, high-end creations: 3d printing of excavator arms.

This technological innovation makes it possible to create objects from a computer file, which is then printed by a specialized 3d printer. This 3d printing technique produces objects from a three-dimensional digital model. This process is particularly interesting for creating unique, personalized, high-end bottles with great precision.

Our team of specialists is at your service to help you design and manufacture unique large-format 3d printing prototypes. Our expertise enables us to offer you the best solutions for creating either a prototype or a unique POP display.

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A large-format 3d printing shovel arm for many occasions:

The innovative concept of a large-format 3D-printed excavator arm pushes the limits of versatility. Designed to adapt to a variety of situations and environments, this prototype offers a robust, adaptable solution for a multitude of occasions, from construction to agriculture to logistics.

Limitless creativity and finish

 Now imagine a revolutionary prototype: a 3m10 excavator arm entirely 3D printed, combining technological ingenuity with striking visual impact.

paint finish on the arm and resin application on the bucket are judicious choices for combining elegance and sturdiness.


The application of resin to the excavator bucket goes beyond aesthetics, aiming to reinforce its structure and extend its service life. Resin, known for its resistance to impact and wear, forms a protective layer that preserves the bucket. In addition to its protective function, resin adds an extra shine to the bucket, making it stand out from the rest of the excavator.

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Reinventing prototyping 



In conclusion, the fusion of a symbol of industrial power like an excavator arm with the sophistication of 3D printing. This exceptional prototype transcends the boundaries of the traditional to deliver an immersive, personalized and enduring experience, redefining the way brands interact with their audiences at the point of sale.

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