Golden film accessory thanks to 3D printing

A film prop reproduced using 3D printing

César impression 3D grand format

The original Caesar

scan césar impression 3D grand format

The scanned Caesar

A Caesar scanned and then reprinted in a larger size using 3D printing

We received a request from a film production studio to use a Caesar for a scene. A plaster model had been created but was not realistic enough, as it was too small and not shiny enough. So they contacted us to print a Caesar in a gold colour and increase the size.

As we had a plaster Caesar available, we decided to scan it, as drawing the Caesar would have taken days of work, whereas scanning it took only a short time and allowed us to meet the production deadline.

After a computer treatment that allows to erase the defects of the scan and to smooth the part, we end up with a file perfectly identical to the original, but in digital format that has been enlarged to 28 cm high before being 3D printed.

A shiny gold filament, which eliminates the need for post-processing.

The objective was to obtain a gold Caesar, but the shape of the part required a very long and therefore very expensive post-process. The alternative we found was to use a PLA Silk Gold filament to achieve a superb glossy finish without post-processing, saving time.

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Césars impression 3D grand format

The original Caesar and its two copies.

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