Personalised statue 1m30 high

Creation of personalised statues 1m30 high to decorate a villa

Pami3d, specialist in large format 3d printing, presents the manufacture of personalised statues in different colours to decorate a villa.

Kaws 1m30

Tailor-made interior decoration

An interior decorator contacted us to create several identical statues based on models by the artist KAWS.

The aim was to create identical 1.30 m high statues with interchangeable eyes of different colours so that the customer could change them at will.

Interchangeable eyes to personalise the pieces

We printed 3 identical statues, printed in several parts to facilitate printing and transport.

For the eyes, we modified the files so that they could be printed separately in a wide range of colours: white, yellow, blue, red, green and even gold. These eyes have been designed to be easily replaceable and printable in all possible colours.

Tête Kaws Blanche
Tête Kaws Verte
Tête Kaws Bleu
Tête Kaws Rouge

Let's create your custom large-format 3D printed statue together

With Pami3d, you can create large-format 3D printed sculptures quickly and easily. We use ecological materials to respect the environment, and we offer a consultancy service to help you design your piece.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote! We'll be happy to help you with your project.

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Pami3D is the specialist in large format 3D printing, and allows you to give volume to your creations and visual impact to your offer


Design and print large custom-made parts. 


Print one-off customised parts by the unit or in series. 


Create large pieces without constraints with a range of possible finishes


A specific need, a particular finish... ask for a free quote without obligation 


Our large format printers operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to reduce your lead times


Pami3d supports you in your development by providing you with its 3D printing know-how