Low-poly 3D Lion

Ideal as a decoration object, discover an example of animal made in large format 3d printing. Pami3d presents here two types of decoration on the lion theme

lion impression 3D grand format

A lion printed in 3d to make your decoration roar

The lion is the king of the savannah and is appreciated by many people for its fascinating power. It is nicknamed "the king of animals" because its mane makes it look like the sun, which appears as "the king of stars".

Others adore this animal because it is their astrological sign and consider it a symbol to be displayed everywhere, especially in their decoration.

A 90 cm high lion in gold colour 3D printed

Here you can see the lion we printed on a Builder Extreme 2000 large format 3D printer, 90 cm high, with a gold finish (find out about the history of the gold finish here).

This 3d printed lion was made from 12.5kg of grey Pro1 filament and the printing alone took 85 hours.

It makes a great decorative object and once finished the question is always: "is it a sculpture?" and the answer is "no, it's 3d printed! 

Lion Low Poly Or impression 3D grand format
Lion Low Poly impression 3D grand format

A low-poly lion for a wall decoration.

Discover here another lion in Low-poly version realized in 3d printing from red PLA filament, and left raw to put in wall version for the fans of Lion.

If you want a 3d printed lion for your decoration, or another animal, ask for a free quote to our sales team at devis@pami3d.com

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