Crocodile in 3D printing

Discover an example of large format 3D printing decoration with a 1m80 crocodile

Tete Crocodile impression 3D grand format

The head of the crocodile at the end of the printing process

Queue Crocodile impression 3D grand format

The tail at the end of the printing process

A crocodile to give your decoration some bite

Decorative animal sculptures are becoming more and more common in homes and gardens. These are original decorations often representing exotic animals such as lions, tigers or gorillas.

Here is an example of a request for a 1m80 red crocodile for a garden.

A 1m80 long crocodile in red colour 3D printed

Here you can see a crocodile printed in two parts, then assembled to obtain a piece of 1m80 cm long, which was then painted in red to obtain a shiny texture and reinforce its resistance to outdoor conditions.

It was printed from 16kg of Red PLA, the total printing time was 150 hours. The 2 parts were printed in parallel in two machines, which allowed the whole thing to be printed in less than a week.

Crocodile impression 3D grand format

The crocodile without paint

Crocodile impression 3D grand format

The finished crocodile, after painting

3D personalized animals for a unique decoration

3D printing allows us to create all animals in various sizes and colours, giving free rein to your decorative desires.

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