70cm 3D Rhinoceros

Ideal as a decorative object, discover an example of an animal created using large-format 3d printing. Pami3d presents here two types of Rhinoceros-themed decoration.

A 70cm 3d printed Rhinoceros

Creating a 3D model of a 70 cm rhinoceros required a methodical and precise approach. By collecting detailed anatomical references, modeling using specialized software created a structure faithful to the rhinoceros. Realistic details such as skin folds and coat textures were carefully added, bringing the model to life.

Careful attention to proportions and scale ensured that the final model would match the desired size of 70 cm. Once the modeling was complete, the file was exported for 3D printing, with careful adjustment of the parameters to ensure optimum results.

A 70 cm high lion in gray 3D printed

3D printing has revolutionized the field of artistic creation, enabling complex models to be produced with remarkable precision and fidelity. In this context, the 3D printing of a rhinoceros, measuring an imposing 70 cm, represents an exciting challenge combining technology and creativity.

The printing process begins, superimposing layer upon layer of material to give birth to the three-dimensional rhinoceros. Careful monitoring is required to detect any potential defects and ensure the consistency and quality of the final result.

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A Rhinoceros for wall decoration.

3D printing has emerged as a veritable revolution in interior design, offering infinite possibilities for creating unique, personalized pieces that reflect individual style and personality. Among the various applications of 3D printing in decorating, the creation of bespoke sculptures and decorative objects such as a 70 cm rhinoceros stands out for its impressive character and ability to transform a space.


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