Real estate model in 3D printing

It is difficult to project yourself with a 2-dimensional plan, so why not transform it into 3 dimensions? 3D printing makes it possible to transform plans into volume to visualise your projects more easily.

Duplex impression 3D grand format

A 3D printed real estate project, to be able to project yourself

Large format 3D printing is a great tool for architecture and even interior design, facilitating commercial and organisational processes. Indeed, from a 2-dimensional plan, it is possible to create a 3-dimensional model that can be printed in 3D.

A duplex of 225 m² on a 1/50 scale

This duplex was printed in only 48 hours using white PLA filament to create a duplex of 225 m² on a scale of 1:50, and allows you to visualise the layout of the rooms and the surface area of each of the rooms in this project.

The precision of the 3D printing process allows the partitions, doors, bay windows, worktops, sanitary facilities and sinks to be highlighted, even the taps!

Duplex impression 3D grand format
Duplex impression 3D grand format

The realization of customized models for your future real estate projects.

The models made in 3D will allow you to present projects in volume, thus demonstrating not only your knowledge of architecture, but also to convince investors or future buyers of your real estate.

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