3D property plans

Large-format 3D printing of building plans!

Large-format 3D printing of building plans is an ideal solution for architects looking to improve their designs and cut costs. The technology enables architects to design complex plans with unrivalled precision, while benefiting from remarkable value for money. Large-format 3D printed architectural drawings also give designers unlimited freedom to create practical and aesthetically appealing three-dimensional forms. This design method is cost-effective and can be used to create unique plans that are easily reproducible.


3D plans for easier projection.

Large-format 3D printers are capable of producing accurate results, making them an excellent tool for improving the efficiency and quality of architectural plans. Thanks to this technology, architects can create complex objects in record time and at lower cost. Thanks to this technology, architects can easily create plans that are not only intuitive but also aesthetically appealing.


Large-format 3D printing enables us to create miniatures for architecture and even interior design, by creating 3D printable models from 2D plans. Putting a plan into volume makes it easier for future investors and buyers to plan ahead. 3D plans allow you to present projects in volume, demonstrating not only your expertise in architecture, but also convincing investors or future buyers of your property.

A 3D plan in volume to see and predict the future

Large-format 3D printing is highly valued for its ability to produce plans and objects that are perfectly tailored to the customer's needs. Thanks to this technology, you can produce precise, detailed 3D plans that are more durable than traditional plans. What's more, it's possible to 3D print real objects with proportions adapted to the size of your plan. So you can easily plan the interior design of your project. 3D technology also speeds up the design process, giving you a professional result every time.

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